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Hi everyone, welcome to my new website !!!! It´s going to be slightly different to my previous site, but I´m sure you will get used to it quickly..!

First of all I must say a massive THANKYOU to Mike & Sarah Lillis who ran the old site for years..and it was their idea that I had a website in the first place.

I have to thank Sarah for all those hours spent sending out newsletters….

…..the newsletters will continue to be sent, but I’m hoping that some of you will keep in touch through Facebook, “gedrobertstenerife” , as I know this is really popular with you social networkers, but you can post comments on this and other pages of the site.

I suggest you keep up to date by checking out the “ALL THE LATEST NEWS” page, because I will post all the relevant gossip on this page, and it will be updated frequently. THIS PAGE REPLACES THE “HOT NEWS” PAGE …….. You will find lots of up- to- date photos and general info on this page……

REMEMBER PLEASE SEND ME ANY PHOTOS YOU THINK WOULD LOOK GOOD ON THE SITE……….. Nostalgic……Summer Party…..Nights in Tenerife……Xmas Party……New Years Eve…….???

I am working my way slowly through all the pages, rummaging through old photos, and trying to create a friendly site with lots of memories. My daughter Katarina is helping me loads!!

You will find some interesting Links on the site…..check them out! Again, I will be adding more links as the site grows……… Please send any good photos to:


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  1. I absolutely love the new website ged! so wonderful lol

  2. great web site enjoyed it

  3. Great side! Great job! 🙂

  4. Great structure to your new website Ged, it can only get better with the vast amount of content you have still to use.
    Well done both yourself and Katarina.

  5. the rest is history, thats the bit i dont know, after you left Gloucester

  6. Hello Ged, Just wanted to let you know that i love the new website. keep up the good work.

  7. Hi Ged,

    really like your new website. Keep on the good work.


  8. Great site Ged. Most impressive.

  9. Gabrielle&Herbert

    Hi Ged, it’s a great New Website . Thank you for your music and the phantastic nights. Merry christmas to Teneriffe.

  10. Hi Ged, just found the new site, very nice!
    Hope you and the family are well, we will back to the Grotto one day!
    Chris and Gill (The Broons from Durham)

  11. Eddie & Hazel Mateer N.Ireland

    100% Old Fruit – Hoped to see you during the first week of June but will have to put up with Froggies 2nd class renderings.
    Best wishes and Good Luck Eddie & Hazel

  12. John Wilkinson

    A few of us are coming over on 22/10/13.
    C & I are celebrating 25 years of married bliss(??)
    Look forward to catching up.
    Best regards

  13. Lucky things, C & I – wish we were going with you to Tenerufe! Bob & Wendy Pickup.

  14. Long time no see Ged , hope you and all the family are well X

  15. Hi Ged,
    Thought I’d check out what you’ve been up to since Kingsholm. Looks pretty impressive.
    Best wished from Canada, Robbie (Allison) Cox

  16. Hi Ged will there be golf at Shaw Hill at the sumer party
    Regards Brian

    • Will send you email before the gig…at the moment we have arranged golf for the Monday morning at 9.30…………………and your name is on the list….!!!!.,….3 teams of 4, Texas scramble…..then lunch…Great trophy for winning team.

  17. Ken and Sarah Winship

    What a great Summer Party at Swindon on Monday! – thanks Ged. We think it was the best ever – great company, good atmosphere and best of all great music!

    • antida and jim holt

      Hi Ged long time no see hope you and family ok . Not been back to tenerife since last time we saw you which was ages ago lol. Been travelling the world take care

      Jim and Antida x x

  18. Hi Ged! We met you several times in Los cristianos about 20 years ago. A swedish family with a beautiful mum and her two cute daughters. Mum always wanted you to play nikita at tropical garden. We are right now listening to you cd and enjoying nice memories. We hope you are enjoying life. Lots of love from sweden!

  19. Maureen and Peter mcneill

    Hya bed hope this message finds you all well hope to see you soon love to all xxx

  20. Maureen and Peter mcneill

    Ged not bed not good with technology ha ha

  21. Gastón Contenti

    Hi Ged,
    congrats for your site, I’ve been “stealing” some photographs from it.
    Hope you don’t mind.

  22. Brian RWcliffe

    Hi Ged will there be golf at Shaw Hill?
    Regards Brian

  23. greg tovey,jens sonn

    We are in Tenerife for few days,came to restaurant on Sunday but you weren’t there

  24. Had a great evening in holy pot at the George on the green thanks everyone

  25. Cannot thank you enough for the memories we will always hold dear on our visits to the restaurant..You continue to be with us through your cd,s, and hopefully we will be able to see you again when you are next in the UK.

  26. Hi Ged, thanks for a great night last Tuesday, it was so good to see you again. Roll on our next visit Andy & Tina (Gloucester)

  27. Marc Van den Kerkhof

    Hi Ged,
    The three nights in the restaurant last week were romantic and rock roll at the same time.
    We love the smooth and relax way you play music and really had a wonderful time.
    Nights to remember…
    Marc & Magda (Belgium – Antwerp)

  28. Hi
    Could you please let me know if Ged Roberts will be performing on Wednesday 13 th April ?as soon as possible please


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